ISLH 2019

The XXXIInd International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology

Sebia’s booth number: 500 & 501

Dates: May 9-10, 2019

Location: Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada

For more infos : ISLH Vancouver 2019

Sebia Educational Luncheon Workshop

Friday, May 10th - From 12:00 to 13:30

Room: Meeting Room 8

“Sebia capillary electrophoresis:
Breakthrough technology serving your patients with haemoglobin disorders.”

Fifty years after its creation, Sebia has become a key player in the diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies and thalassaemias. The Sebia capillary electrophoresis is accessible to all laboratories and is a unique combination of ease of use, high resolution and high throughput. By attending this workshop, the audience will discover the medical added value offered by this breakthrough technology for hemoglobin disorders diagnosis and the recent development in standardizing this haemoglobin testing.

MODERATOR: Dr. Thomas Lohmann, Medical Affairs, Sebia USA


  • Dr. Mathew Estey, DynaLIFE Medical Labs, Edmonton, Canada

Dr. Mathew Estey will explain why the laboratory has chosen capillary electrophoresis as the first-line technique for the detection of haemoglobinopathies and thalassaemias. Based on several years of experience and routine use, he will demonstrate how this technology, thanks to better analytical performance and ergonomics, has improved the diagnosis of these diseases and has brought increased medical value for patients.

  • Dr. Barbara De La Salle, UK NEQAS Haematology, Watford, UK

Dr. Barbara De La Salle will discuss the performance assessment of haemoglobin testing by Sebia capillary electrophoresis in external quality assessment and proficiency testing. She will also review recent developments in Hb A2 standardization and the importance of accurate Hb A2 measurement in Beta-thalassaemia carrier diagnosis.