The best equilibrium for HbA1c measurement between accuracy, robustness and throughput


Building upon 10 years’ experience in the separation of hemoglobins by capillary electrophoresis, Sebia has adapted this high resolution separation technology on its CAPILLARYS 2 FLEX-PIERCING instrument for a fast and accurate HbA1c measurement.

From whole blood sampling in primary capped tubes to the final result, the CAPILLARYS 2 FLEX-PIERCING instrument performs all sequences automatically.

The clear-cut and precise separation of the different hemoglobin fractions allows accurate HbA1c measurement with no altered results in the presence of frequent interferences (labile A1c, carbamylated Hb, Hb F, Hb S, Hb C, Hb D and Hb E) as well as the incidental detection of the common hemoglobin disorders (sickle cell, beta-thalassemia…). Using the IFCC reference method calculation formula HbA1c/(HbA1c+HbA0), developed for the worldwide assay standardization, the Sebia methodology ensures accurate and reliable results.

The CAPILLARYS Hb A1c kit can be used on both venous and capillary blood samples.



Test principle

The CAPILLARYS Hb A1c assay is based on the principle of capillary electrophoresis in free solution. Hemoglobin fractions are separated in silica capillaries, by their electrophoretic mobility and electroosmotic flow at a high voltage in an alkaline buffer. Hemoglobin fractions are directly detected at an absorbance of 415 nm.




  • Throughput: 38 tests/h
  • Between-run CVs: <2%
  • Full traceability and positive ID for blood samples and reagents
  • Cap piercing and tube mixing from primary tubes
  • Rapid validation through color-coded profiles using the mosaic screen

Kit description 

CAPILLARYS Hb A1c (PN 2015) kit content:

  • Buffer
  • Hemolyzing solution
  • Wash solution
  • Dilution segments
  • Filters


Related products and accessories not provided in the kit:

  • Multi-system Hb A1c capillary controls (2 levels) (PN 4768)
  • Hb A1c capillary calibrators (2 levels) (PN 4755)
  • Tubes and caps for controls (PN 9202 / PN 9205)
  • Wedge adapter (PN 9203)
  • Boxes for control storage (PN 2082)
  • CAPICLEAN (PN 2058)
  • CAPIprotect (2 x 5L) (PN 2061)
  • Capillary Hb A1c blood samples:
    • A1c/CE capillary blood sample (A) (PN 9212)
    • Clamp for capillary blood collection tube (5) (PN 9213)
    • Blue dilution segments (PN 2083)
    • Capillary sample racks (5) (PN 1361)

Compatible Instruments


NOTE: Contact your Sebia representative to verify the product availability in your country.