The Sebia capillary electrophoresis automated solution for small to medium size laboratories

The MINICAP instrument offers flexibility for small to medium size laboratories. The fully automated instrument meets the needs of the laboratory while providing clear-cut and precise separations utilizing the capillary electrophoresis technology. This multi-parameter instrument offers a comprehensive menu on serum, urine and packed red blood cells for Protein, Immunotyping, Hemoglobin and CDT (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin) testing.

The instrument provides complete walk-away automation reducing overall labor requirements.


Technical characteristics


  • Continuous sample loading
  • Tubes capacity:​
    • Protein and urine: 28 samples
    • Hb and CDT: 26 samples


  • Protein: 20 tests/h
  • Hb: 9 tests/h 
  • CDT: 10 tests/h

Sample types

  • Serum
  • Urine
  • Packed unwashed RBCs

Positive ID & Reagents Traceability

  • Barcoded carousel and tubes
  • High resolution built-in barcode reader
  • Positive sample identification
  • Full traceability from primary tube to final result
  • Barcoded reagents and controls

Sampling mode

  • Full automation with continuous loading
  • Direct sampling from primary tubes


  • 2 silica capillaries for 2 simultaneous migrations
  • Migrations performed in capillaries at accurate temperature controlled by a Sebia proprietary Peltier based regulation device 


  • Software: operated by Phoresis CORE
  • Weight:
    • 66 lb
    • 30 kg
  • Dimension:
    • (L) 17 x (W) 22 x (H) 16 in
    • (L) 43 x (W) 57 x (H) 41 cm
  • Catalog number: PN 1230
  • Related accessories not provided with instruments:
    • ​Screen, PC, UPS and printer

NOTE: Contact your Sebia representative to verify the product availability in your country.