Monoclonal peak in Urines

Urine quantification is needed for assessing treatment response in Multiple Myeloma:

  • Complete Response: negative IF for serum and urine
  • Very good partial response: Detectable paraprotein (monoclonal protein) by IF in serum or urine but not on electrophoresis or decrease of more than 90% in serum paraprotein and urine paraprotein <100mg/24 h)
  • Partial response: more than 50% reduction of serum paraprotein and over 90% reduction in urine paraprotein to <200mg/24hr
  • Stable disease: no change after treatment
  • Progressive disease: 25% increase of paraprotein compared to the lowest value observed (peak increase ≥ 5 g/L in the serum; peak increase≥ 200mg /24h in the urine).


"Criteria for diagnosis, staging, risk stratification and response assessment of multiple myeloma"

RA Kyle and SV Rajkumar - Leukemia (2009) 23, 3-9

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