Global management software for Sebia instruments with networking capabilities 

Phoresis CORE is the all-in-one software developed by Sebia enabling users to interpret, manage, store and recall the assay results produced by the Sebia instruments.

Easy to use and feature-rich, Phoresis CORE provides quick and efficient data management, and can be utilized by all Sebia instruments for either capillary or agarose gel electrophoresis techniques, simplifying the validation process. Its advanced networking capabilities can satisfy the most complex laboratory needs, whether it is managing workload or customizing the network application to provide remote access from any other site, within the core laboratory or satellite locations across towns. 

The PostgreSQL CLIENT/SERVER technology enables multi-site management by different operators validating different steps of the reporting process. All these steps can be done, simultaneously, at the instrument site or from remote locations. PostgreSQL CLIENT/SERVER provides unlimited data storage. The Host module of Phoresis CORE supports the bi-directional connection to LIS.


Shared software

  • A single software for all Sebia instruments


Multi-client management

  • Central data storage
  • Multi-sites configuration
  • Multitasking validation process management


Networking capabilities

  • Networking connection of the instruments
  • Decentralized validation within the laboratory or between distant locations


Powerful and user-friendly interface

  • 48 curves mosaic screen (96 for CAPILLARYS 3 TERA)
  • Color-coded profiles
  • Automatic detection of abnormal values (flagging)
  • Graphic record of curve and alpha-numeric print-out of data and results
  • Compressed print-out of results and curves
  • Print-out of immunofixation images and quantitative specific protein on one report
  • 10 fraction naming tables and corresponding normal values per analysis program
  • Statistics: 3 QC levels per analysis program (Levey-Jennings)
  • Curve recall and review with extensive curve editing such as:
    • Inserting and deleting minima and fractions
    • Modifying presentation (baseline, scale, smoothing)
    • X and Y zoom of the curve
    • Pre-programmed or manual entry of comments
    • Selection of pre-programmed identification table for fraction identification
    • Overlay of reference pattern, control or patient curve


  • PostgreSQL CLIENT/SERVER database
    • Unlimited storage capacity of patient database
  • Worklist
    • Unlimited patients per analysis program
  • Automatic search for patient history
  • Stable performance on high data flow


NOTE: Contact your Sebia representative to verify the product availability in your country.