Assistance & Training

Scientific & Technical Support Department
Field Service Organization

Fully dedicated to total customer satisfaction offering daily assistance for technical and scientific matters


Scientific and Technical Support

The Scientific Support Department based in our local Headquarters and at the Sebia affiliates level is dedicated to ensure customer support on:

  • The optimal use of Sebia techniques and products
  • Assistance in interpretation of Sebia results
  • User training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Complaint management regarding Sebia products


User Training

Customer trainings on Sebia techniques and technologies are delivered by your local Sebia organization on:

  • Capillary protein electrophoresis interpretation
  • Immunofixation interpretation
  • Immunotyping interpretation
  • Urine analysis
  • Hemoglobin pattern interpretation
  • HbA1c pattern interpretation
  • CSF Isofocusing interpretation

Sebia constantly provides training and support to our Commercial Networks worldwide to assure all product and technology knowledge is current and up-to-date. In the last 3 years, the Scientific & Technical Support Department at the Headquarters in France, delivered training to about 5000 people (customers and distributors), both on site and during local events.

Sebia instruments are not only a concentrate of robust technology...



Sebia has developed a strong Field Service Organisation with more than 12 000 instruments installed worldwide.

Made up of Field Service Engineers and Application Engineers, the main focus is one of total customer satisfaction.

The Field Service Organization is based either in:

  • Sebia direct countries (France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, UK)
  • other Regions of the World via a powerful network of local engineers, as part of Sebia’s distributor organizations or Sebia Representative offices (Brazil, China, Middle-East).

They are dedicated to the application of new techniques and new software revisions, as well as maintenance and timely repair of Sebia’s proprietary instruments.



In order to harmonize the Field Service Operations worldwide, a primary function of the Field Service Organization is the continuous training of customers and Sebia Field Service Engineers.

Thus, maintaining a high level of knowledge and performance in all regions of the world.

In total, directly or indirectly through its distributor network, Sebia has a Field Service Organization of almost 500 engineers (130 subsidiaries + 350 distributors).