SEBIA Group: A specialist IVD company

Sebia is the world’s leading provider of clinical protein electrophoresis equipment and reagents, a technology used for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing. Its systems analyze proteins in order to screen and monitor various diseases and conditions; primarily oncology (Multiple Myeloma), metabolic disorders such as Diabetes and also Hemoglobinopathy and rare pathologies.

Technological Park South of Paris

Located south of Paris, the Sebia headquarter incorporates all primary functions: R&D, manufacturing, customer services, marketing and commercial activities plus all administrative functions.

Sebia’s commitment to the highest quality standards has resulted in the company implementing control of the entire reagent, software and instruments cycle; from conception, through development and production, to the commercialization and after sales activities.


SEBIA's R&D Department

Sebia has extensive research and development (“R&D”) capabilities dedicated to electrophoresis technology, enabling continuous innovative solutions for clinical applications to be developed using this extremely powerful separation technique.

The R&D team comprises of 40 members across many disciplines; PhDs, engineers, computer specialists and highly qualified technicians. Their daily focus is to provide solutions to unmet needs in key pathologies such as, Myeloma diagnosis, HbA1c quantification, Hemoglobin adult or neonatal testing. They also focus on less prevalent diseases such as Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency or detection of beta 2 transferrin for suspected cerebrospinal fluids.

SEBIA’s success has been driven by 3 core values


  • Since its early start in 1967, Sebia has striven to make electrophoresis accessible to all laboratories with simply performing systems.



  • From R&D to production, each process is subject to strict rules and rigorous controls to ensure the highest reliability and performance.


  • Sebia’s experienced scientists provide laboratories with full scientific support (hot line and training). All maintenance and repair services are undertaken by either Sebia’s own technical after-sales teams or accreditated third parties (Sebia's distribution network), enabling guarantees to be provided for all work undertaken.