SEBIA: a worldwide presence

In 2004, Sebia moved its manufacturing operations and headquarter to a newly developed site in Lisses, close to the Evry Bio-park in France. This facility covers an area of over 43,000 m², and about 15,000 m² of buildings that include all business functions.

Over the years, Sebia has continuously strengthened its international footprint by setting-up:

  • Subsidiaries in:

    • Germany (1986)

    • Belgium (1996)

    • USA (1997)

    • Italy (1998)

    • Spain (2001)

    • United-Kingdom (2006)

    • Switzerland (2018)

  • Representative offices in:

    • China (Shanghai 2007)

    • Brazil (San Paolo 2007)

In total, Sebia covers either directly or via a network of distributors, more than 120 countries in the world.

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